NHL to Seattle Survey #2 Part 1: The WHL edition

I received some great insight and response from the 2nd NHL to Seattle Survey. So much so that I need to break it down into two or three posts. Without further ado, I present the WHL edition of the results. Disclosures: a majority of the promotion and respondents came from the NHLtoSeattle Facebook page or twitter account. These are people who are generally interested in the NHL to Seattle movement so these are not numbers that represent the Seattle population. More they represent the hockey community in the Puget Sound. As expected, most of respondents were from Washington State (~92%).

How many WHL games did you attend last year?


Here you can see the average WHL games by city. The size of the circle represents the volume of respondents compared to the other cities, while the shade of green represents the average games attended by respondent. WHLGames by City I then asked people what is the biggest barrier in attending more WHL Games. For the data below, I filtered on King. Pierce and Snohomish County respondents. Reasons I would say the results are fairly predictable. For those of you that don’t know, Everett (Silvertips) and Kent (Thunderbirds) are about 30 mile drive away from the two densest cities of Seattle and Bellevue. For people that work a traditional 9 to 5 job, getting to a midweek game from either Seattle or Redmond-Bellevue area could take well over an hour. I know that is the reason I don’t get to more games (I live & work in Seattle). There were several write ins that said something to the effect of, “because it isn’t the NHL”.

What is your favorite WHL team?

WHLTeam When you look at the state view, it is no surprise where the fans are clustered. FavoriteWHLMAp

How many Seattle Thunderbirds games did you attend last season? (Filtering on Washington State Zip codes)

ThunderbirdsGames When isolating on respondents that indicated the Seattle Thunderbirds as their favorite team, you get the following results: ThunderbirdsGames_ofTbirdFans

How many Everett Silvertips games did you attend last season? (Filtering on Washington State Zip codes)

TipsGames Isolating on Everett Silvertips fans you get the following results: TipsGames_ofTipsFans Some bonus data, 23.4% of respondents went to at least one Seattle Thunderbird game and Everett Silvertip game. 35.4% of respondents went to neither a Tips or Birds game last year.

9 thoughts on “NHL to Seattle Survey #2 Part 1: The WHL edition

  1. Interesting data. Appears that those that are fans of the Tips go to more games than those that are fans of the Tbirds. To be fair, it appears that Tbird fans come from a wider area base than the Tips, which makes complete sense.

  2. The numbers also reflect the Thunderbirds being around a lot longer and used to be based in Seattle, the obvious biggest city in the area.

  3. I have been a T-Birds fan for 23 years… but live on North End…. stopped going to games for while when Birds moved to Kent… tough drive. Since 2011, try harder to see games in Kent, and catch some away games in Everett too. Yeah… it’s not NHL… but watching future NHL’ers like Theodore, Barzal, Dillon, Hickey, Marleau, etc establish themselves… and seeing visit stars, counting the kids of pros on the visitors bench is always ng stars, entertaining.

  4. I agree that the distance factor is my biggest deterrence to attending more games. When the T-birds played at Key Arena, I attended about a dozen games a season. When they moved to Kent, I didn’t attend any games for a few years. But last year I made it to a few games, and will again this year.

    I also made a trip to Kelowna for a game last year, and three AHL games in Abbotsford. That was great fun!

  5. Tbirds are loaded with future NHL locks like Gropp, Bear, Barzal, as well as some good potential guys like Pedersen, Kolesar etc.

  6. Don’t forget the Tips stars of the past few years : Murray, Mueller, Khaira, Winquist. And now, Lotz and Betker with chances to make it to the show. Been great to follow all these kids and the other up and coming stars.

  7. Great stuff as usual. It would be nice to see Wenatchee Wild numbers when looking at statewide responses. Wenatchee averages 3000 fans per game and based on the population numbers they have a very high percentage of hockey fans per capita.

  8. it’s just a matter of time before Seattle gets a team. I saw an article recently about how NHL players preferred Seattle and Quebec as expansion cities and heard rumblings about a group being put together for a team they want to call the Wolverines.

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