Gary Bettman is pushing for what..huh?

As you may have heard, Mitch Levy is reporting that Gary Bettman, yes Gary Bettman is pushing the NHL Board of Governors to approve an expansion team for Seattle for the 2014-15 Season.

The short of it is: I’m hearing that the NHL Commish is encouraging the board of governors to make an expansion team available to Seattle.

— mitch levy (@kjrmitch) July 31, 2013

If approved, the new expansion Seattle NHL club would cost approximately $275M. It would begin playing here in the 2014-2015 season.

— mitch levy (@kjrmitch) July 31, 2013

This is the only outlet reporting so let’s try to temper enthusiasm everyone. Joe Yerdon picked it up but it is just putting some hockey color on Mitch’s report. As New York City and Toronto start to wake up we should get a good idea how real this really is. Should be an interesting day. Very exciting but lets stay calm, this is a process and as we have already learned, we will not win every vote.

Voters Guide to the Primary Election

For all of you in Seattle voting in our primary election, I wanted to provide you the NHL fans cheat sheet for voting. There are lot of reasons to vote for these candidates below but at the core of my endorsement is where these candidates sit on the Arena Issue. If you don’t know by now, McGinn and Constantine were the major drivers on the early stages of getting the Arena plan in place. Mike O’Brien voted for the MOU and throughout the process listened to his constituents on the Arena issue and also was quoted as being overwhelmed at the amount of support for hockey in the area.

Mayor: Mike McGinn
Executive: Dow Constantine
City of Seattle Council Position No. 2: Brian Carver
City of Seattle Council Position No. 8: Mike O’Brien

If you wanted more info on the mayor race and where the candidates stand on the arena issue, a friend of mind passed on this picture and note after attending the mayoral race forum at Microsoft last week. The question was a simple “do you think the SoDo Arena proposal should be brought to a vote of the people?” It was part of a “lightning round” where the candidates put up cards depending on if they agreed (green), disagreed (red), or were somewhere in the middle (yellow).

Mayor Pic

As you can see, Steinbrueck and Martin want the SoDo Arena to go to vote. Although likely to pass if this goes to public vote, this will delay the arena being built & cost the city, Hansen and arena opponents a lot of money. This could squander an opportunity for both an NHL and/or an NBA team. Bottom line, we need McGinn as the Mayor.