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NHL to Seattle Survey #2 Part 1: The WHL edition

I received some great insight and response from the 2nd NHL to Seattle Survey. So much so that I need to break it down into two or three posts. Without further ado, I present the WHL edition of the results. Disclosures: a majority of the promotion and respondents came from the NHLtoSeattle Facebook page or twitter account. These are people who are generally interested in the NHL to Seattle movement so these are not numbers that represent the Seattle population. More they represent the hockey community in the Puget Sound. As expected, most of respondents were from Washington State (~92%).

How many WHL games did you attend last year?

Here you can see the average WHL games by city. The size of the circle represents the volume of respondents compared to the other cities, while the shade of green represents the average games attended by respondent.

What is your favorite WHL team?

When you look at the state view, it is no surprise where the fans are clustered.

How many Seattle Thunderbirds games did you attend last season? (Filtering on Washington State Zip codes)

When isolating on respondents that indicated the Seattle Thunderbirds as their favorite team, you get the following results:

How many Everett Silvertips games did you attend last season? (Filtering on Washington State Zip codes)

Isolating on Everett Silvertips fans you get the following results: Some bonus data, 23.4% of respondents went to at least one Seattle Thunderbird game and Everett Silvertip game. 35.4% of respondents went to neither a Tips or Birds game last year.

John Barr
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