Based on overwhelming demand, I’ve created a couple t-shirts for sale on this BigCartel Site. Prices reflect covering my costs.

BaseballTee gordie CAgLQbLUQAEsYr-


2 thoughts on “Store

  1. John, you knucklehead, we need a site ASAP that demonstrates to Ed Murray et al that there are thousands of Seattlites ready to plunk down $ for season tickets. Do you want to do it or should I?

    Boston Bruin fan since Booby Orr was a rookie – Ross Mayberry PhD (206)735-9592.

    • This has come up more than a couple times and I’ve wanted to do this more than a couple times. Without clear ownership group…since there are somewhere between 2 to 4. It is best to wait on league direction. In fact, Bettman has said that a season ticket drive is not necessary in Seattle (or Quebec City). The Vegas season ticket drive was a request from the league.

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