Season Ticket Drive is March 1st!

It’s official! Seattle’s NHL season ticket drive will be launching March 1st. Today at Mayor Jenny Durkin’s State of the City Address she announced that the season ticket drive will launch March 1st with more information available at

This is the next big milestone in making NHL to Seattle a reality.

Is there a target number?

If there is a number, it hasn’t been shared. I feel it is more or less a moot point as I expect it to sell out based on a Nielsen report that cited 70,000 people “interested” in a NHL season tickets in the Seattle area. It is not clear if there will be any partial season ticket inside-Hockeyplans available out of the gate. If you want to be part of the inaugural season, then my advice would be to create your own season ticket group. (i.e. find 4 people that want a half season and then get 2 Season tickets.) Full season ticket holders generally get first selection of seats as well.

The Vegas Timeline

Comparing the Seattle process to the Vegas process is a bit of apples and oranges. Back in 2015, Vegas launched their ticket drive February 10th hitting their goal of 10,000 season ticket holders by March 23rd. Then, on June 24th, the NHL announced that it was accepting expansion applications that would due July 20th. The Vegas franchise would not officially be awarded for another year, in June of 2016.

The Seattle process is almost opposite. The application announcement has come before the ticket drive. On December 7th, the NHL announced that they would “accept and consider” expansion application from Seattle. Last week, on February 13th, the league confirmed that it had received the Seattle groups application.

Here is your action plan:

  1. Block your calendar for 10am on March 1st
  2. Peruse the website
  3. Connect to the official NHL Seattle social media outlets:
    a. Instagram
    b. Facebook
    c. Twitter
  4. Plan your season ticket plan – If you are not planning on a full season ticket plan, talk to friends and coworkers about sharing a package. I don’t anticipate there will be any partial plans.
  5. Be at a computer on March 1st at 10 am.
  6. Start saving $


9 thoughts on “Season Ticket Drive is March 1st!

  1. The FB posting about the lottery says you “can be one of 10,000 strong” so that’s probably the number they are looking for.

  2. Do we know if a deposit for (2) season tickets can be spread between (2) different credit cards?

    • Thinking John probably should not be spending money on NHL if that is a real question….

  3. Hopefully they will put a restriction on only area residents/ companys can put in deposits for tickets, Kinda like what the Seahawks did back in 2014 for the NFC Championship game with the Broncos. We have the fan base here in Sea to sell the tickets we dont need people from scalpers from IL, FL, NY, AZ and all other states taking it from us the true fans, who want to go to the games, and are not just buying them to make a profit. They could put in this limit for just through the weekend, and if there are any left after that, let them go to buyers out of the area.

    • Don’t know but they are supposedly sending priority numbers out next week. AR34

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