2 thoughts on “representing the cause

  1. Great post and thanks for what you are doing John. I really hope all area hockey fans Seattle south get behind the Seattle Thunderbirds run to the WHL crown and beyond. I was disappointed by the crowds, 3/4 full is okay but there is no reason not to sell out a arena that seats 6200 for hockey. Let’s show the hockey world what we are made of. You can help to John, I am sure you follow the birds on Twitter, please retweet the tweets, you have allot of followers and you can help the hockey cause for the birds, these young men have made a heck of a run, I think it is 23-1-1 and they deserve our support.


  2. Unbelievable how badly this has been boned by the city council. I know 5 people who’ll be unemployed next cycle.

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