RBL Group confirms NHL Expansion Application intent

Geoff Baker from the Seattle Time has confirmed that the Ray Bartoszek group will be submitting an NHL Expansion Application for the Tukwila site location.

Geoff later followed it up with this article. This was expected news and it is always great to get it confirmed. For now, Bartoszek is the only group of the rumored 3 interested parties that has confirmed their application submission.


I did a larger write up on how the Tukwila site stacks up back in April. I captured several core pieces of information there so go check it out. Taken from that previous post, I copied some of the distances for the Tukwila site and how it compares to other arenas in the league.

Tukwila Site

  • 11 Miles from downtown Seattle.
  • 14 Miles from downtown Bellevue.
  • 23 Miles from downtown Tacoma.

Canadian Tire Center, home of the Ottawa Senators:

  • 16.6 Miles from downtown Ottawa

St. Paul MN, home of the Minnesota Wild:

  • 12.4 Miles from Minneapolis

The Palace at Auburn Hills, home of the Detroit Pistons:

  • 33 Miles from Detroit

Glendale AZ, home of the Arizona Coyotes:

  • 10 Miles from Phoenix
  • 21 Miles from Scottsdale
  • 27 Miles from Mesa

Sunrise FL, home of the Florida Panthers

  • Sunrise, FL is 31.2 Miles from Miami

2 thoughts on “RBL Group confirms NHL Expansion Application intent

  1. It’s very odd you would include St. Paul as it’s not a suburb. Unlike the vast majority of U.S. metropolitan areas, the Twin Cities metro area has two core or central cities – St. Paul and Minneapolis. The two cities are unique due to the fact that there isn’t a border – a geographic feature or arbitrary line – completely separating the two. While the Mississippi River divides one from the other in a small area, there is no other geographic feature or arbitrary line between the two. The core of downtown Minneapolis (IDS Center) is 9.8 miles from the core of downtown St. Paul (Wells Fargo Place). The Xcel Energy Center in downtown St. Paul is only 8.5 miles from the new US Bank Stadium in downtown Minneapolis.

  2. I’m sorry, but I didn’t realize you were listing distances from NHL arenas to NBA arenas. Feel free to delete my comment.

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