Islanders on the block?

As I’ve said here many times, the Islanders are a franchise to watch over the next few years. On September 14th, I mentioned that Wang probably wants to sell the Islanders as one of the reasons for the Islanders potential Relo candidate. Well it looks like Wang is shopping the Islanders around. The New York post has an excellent article on the rumor here.

As the article states, the asking price of Wang is alegedly around 300M which is an asking price that is double the value Forbes estimated last year. It is also close to 3 times the price of the Atlanta Thrashers were sold to True North that moved the team to Winnipeg. Wang is probably early on in this process and might be using this as a scare tactic to Nassau County officials. If the team is sold to a group that consists of LaFontaine, a relo becomes unlikley being that he lives on Long Island. He might be the Lemieux of this ownership group that comes in as the face of the organization when working with city and county officals to get an arena subsidies.

The bottom line…Wang might have put this team on the market but might be setting his price way too high at this point considering the Coyotes still can’t seem to find a buyer.

2 thoughts on “Islanders on the block?

  1. As a former resident of Uniondale, NY and current resident of Everett, WA, the possibility of the Islanders moving to Seattle is intriguing. I lived on Long Island during the Islanders’ Stanley Cup run.

    One item not mentioned is the team’s very lucrative cable TV deal with MSG, which ends 2030-31 season. Although the Isles have not done well at the gate in several years, the cable TV deal might keep the Islanders in the NY area, if not Nassau County.

    A clarification. (re: …scare tactic to Uniondale city officials) It should be Nassau County officials. The arena is owned by the county. Uniondale is an unincorporated area.

    Whether its the Islanders, the Coyotes or an expansion team, I’m looking forward to see what happens in the next few years in Seattle.

  2. Thanks GMJ. One of the items that might keep the team in the New York Area is that Cable deal and could be a reason that Dolan/Rangers won’t mind if the Islanders move to Brooklyn. Totally agree with your last statement as well and the entire landscape could change in the time it will take for Seattle to be ready for a team.

    Thanks for your clarification, I’ve made updates. (feeling shame)

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