What does Seattle watch when given a choice between NBC or CBC?

For those that don’t know, Seattle households with Xfinity (Comcast) service, get the CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corporation) channel. I don’t have the data, but I believe Comcast has the majority of the market in the area. It is rare that the same game is on NBC/NBCSC and CBC but when it happens, it is the big games like the Stanley Cup Finals or like last Wednesday, for the Winter Classic. So when Steve Lepore tweeted about the NBC Seattle ratings of the Winter Classic I was happy but I also knew that it was a little diluted due to this CBC factor.

I then posed the question to you Facebook followers to get a biased and unscientific sense of how much these ratings were diluted. I say biased because the masses that tune into the Classic are not the hardcore hockey fans. They probably don’t follow the Facebook page and might not even know that CBC exists on Comcast. Thank you all for responding and sharing your opinions. 64 people responded…here are the results and some of the best comments.

winter classic views

One thing is clear, we all hate the 6%ers….ok maybe we are just a little jealous. Here are some of the best comments people left on the facebook page: The CBC watchers are much more adamant about their broadcast choice:

I’m pretty consistent in choosing CBC unless I don’t have a choice. Feel they do a better job and you can see commercials for poutine pizza and McDonalds poutine! -Andy Eide

First and third NBC, intermissions and second CBC. – Pat Fredell

CBC, American coverage of events is so bad it’s offensive, it’s the only reason I pay for cable is for hockey on CBC – Brian Earl

CBC all the way. Doc Emrick makes me want to claw my ears off. LeeAnne Beres

I tend to go wherever Pierre McGuire isn’t. -Matt Ritchie

CBC…better broadcasters. Bar none.  Appreciate NBC showing it though.-Dutch Evans

NBC have to listen to Doc and Eddie O. NBC had good intermission programming. Was going to flip to CBC to catch Don Cherry but forgot. – Rob Iacullo

From Seattle. Watched from the stands. Great  time -JRe Sullivan

Watched at friends (65″ TV) who had Direct TV satellite dish, so NBC.  DVR the game on CBC for repeat viewing -Norm Dupuis

CBC. There is no other option if you’re Canadian. -Darren Marr

CBC. When I can choose, its always Canadian coverage. -Patty Booker

My son and I were watching CBUT-better hockey commentators there and fewer commercials (and the ones that were on were Canadian and funny) -Jane Brosius

Better commentators on CBC?  I think not!  Doc Emrick called the game on NBC.   Can’t get any better than Doc. -Dean Schmitz

NBC. don’t get CBC except for few games not don cherry fan so gotta go with NBC don’t have to listen to don cherry -Aaron Rivers

NBC Doc Emrick is the man – Tom Wiemann

There you have it. Split down the middle. One interesting side note is that with Rodgers Canadian TV deal, CBC might not carry the classic next year, so we might not have a choice next year.

5 thoughts on “What does Seattle watch when given a choice between NBC or CBC?

  1. The CBC has licensed hockey rights from Rogers for the next four years although Rogers gets to keep ALL the ad revenue. That probably means that people with Comcast in Seattle will probably continue to have a choice between NBC/CBC over that time. It is unclear what happens to the CBC once the four year agreement expires but since the CBC got most of it’s money from Hockey Night In Canada and won’t be generating any meaningful revenue through the Rogers agreement, major cuts in programming and personnel is expected. NET/ NET, Canadians will be paying more for hockey in Canada, CBC production quality will diminish/suffer and it is unclear we will have a CBC choice once the current Rogers/CBC deal expires in four years.


    The Rogers deal was voted the “Business Story of the Year” by the Canadian Press (CP is similar to the AP),

    • What is not clear is who covers the Winter Classic and what their approach is to the Playoffs. I am imagine CBC might be included in the playoffs somehow but I doubt it is that prominent.

  2. Canadian but I prefer NBC for one reason alone: Cannot stand GI Joe Head Hughson’s play by play. Used to be good on TSN but now doesn’t actually follow the play and starts analyzing plays during games or just blethering on. Also, enunciates in all the wrong places (listen to his “great save LUONGO” line. Constantly loves to say players’ full names. Just so bad now.

    Throw in Glen Healy who seems to think yelling and thinking you’re right (you were a backup goalie in the NHL! A freakin’ backup, dude!) about everything is spew inducing.

    I can even stand the snippets of Mr. Peanuthead Maguire between Doc and Eddie O’s fine interplay so that’s why for national ‘casts I’ll take NBC any day over the Communist Broadcasting Mother Corp.

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