RFP for Glendale’s Jobing.com Arena

Another bit of news that came out yesterday was the jobing.com Arena RFP went out yesterday. I didn’t want to post it until I read through the entire RFP.

Here are some interesting things in it: jobing

  • RFP submissions are due 5/24/13
  • A requirement is that the Manager must have experience running an arena with an NBA or NHL Team Recommend term of the lease agreement is 5 years with two additional 5 year renewals –
  • “provide an explanation of the firms experience attracting an anchor tenant for a facility comparable to the Arena…”
  • City wants manager to take over the facility no later than July 1st

This is how I interpret the RFP. First off, most if not all potential owners of the Coyotes will want compensation for running the Arena so we will not get confirmation of the Coyotes staying in Glendale until June. That said, there is nothing that would prevent the league to sell to someone else with the intent to move before the RFP is due. The RFP is written with the intent on having an anchor tenant, aka the Coyotes so it isn’t to say that Glendale is planning on the team moving. .

On the experience requirement, there aren’t a lot of companies that have this requirement so if this is tied to a Coyotes ownership group, look for a subcontracting/partnership with Levy, AEG, Aramark or SportService as those are the major players in this industry.

I did see a quote from NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly: Glendale “RFP doesn’t affect ownership search at this point”

Here is a link to the RFP: http://www.glendaleaz.com/purchasing/documents/GLENDALEARENAREQUESTFORPROPOSAL-RFP-April16-2013.pdf

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