Sacramento Kings Ownership Showdown in NYC

As most of you know, yesterday was the big showdown pitch meetings between Seattle and Sacramento for the Kings. As expected, we didn’t get much as meetings were behind closed doors and Stern did show his cards. I watched most of the three press conferences and here are the major things that I took away that could impact the situation.

  1. Stern shot down any talk of expansion citing it was not prudent to split their auxiliary revenues by adding a couple more teams.NBA
  2. The decision could go past the original said deadline of the NBA BOG meeting April 18th. If the Coyotes are an option for Seattle, this starts to impact that timeline where Seattle might not be a reasonable option.
  3. Sac ownership group did not match the Seattle offer price of the Kings. It should be noted that Stern was asked about this outside of his press conference (by Chris Daniels) and Stern implied that it would not be a deciding factor. I don’t know if this is really the case as Stern might eliminate that issue in the press to make sure he doesn’t tip the way he is leaning.

There is so much public and political posturing in these things it is really hard to gauge what is really going on so take everything you read and watch with a grain of salt. As usual, I love Neil deMause’s write up at Field of Schemes. It is definitely slanted but it isn’t the typical over positive Sports Coverage that you will read everywhere else. Hard for me to predict what will happen over the next 3 weeks other than I expect a lot of lawsuits in Sacramento and expedited resolution to any lawsuits or studies we have here in Seattle. Hold on tight…stay positive and try to be level headed to things that are reported.

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