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Sound of Hockey Episode 48 – The Offseason Is (Sort of) Over!

Sound of Hockey took a significant one-week hiatus to rest up and recover from its first “season.” But that proved to be far too long of an offseason for the guys, who are champing at the bit to get back to work for Episode 48!

This week, there are lots of chuckles to be had, as John, Andy, and Darren discuss such hard-hitting storylines as Patrik Laine’s convincing interview on his future with the Winnipeg Jets, a Friday-night viewing of some random 1994 NHL Playoff game, and of course last week’s NHL Mascot Conference.

Plus, some Seattle-related news, as Oak View Group has apparently filed for a trademark of the name “Firebirds” for its future AHL team (hopefully) in Palm Springs. What does this mean? The guys tell you in this episode.

Segments this week include Goalie Gear Corner, Weekly One-Timers, and Tweets of the Week.





Darren Brown
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