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Conference Finals Data Dump

We are down to 4 teams in the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs. There are storylines galore on individual players. Assuming you are not on the losing end of these storylines, what’s not to love about Patrick Maroon’s game winner in game 7 for his hometown team, Joe Thornton’s quest for the cup, and the Bunch of Jerks from Carolina? There are tons of interesting backstories and scenarios to read about these final 4 teams and players. That is all fun and great but I like to take a little higher-level approach by looking at the make-up of these teams. In the name of the “sharing is caring” mantra, here is a brief look at my quick research.


San Jose has been fighting off the “old team” label for sometime now but looks like the label is somewhat warranted. Now let’s take a look at Average Age by Line.
As it turns out, San Jose’s top two lines are younger than Boston’s top 2 lines. Meanwhile Carolina has youth spread out through their entire line up, except for goal (that’s McElhinney-35 not Mrazek-26…I pulled the line ups from the last game of second round). 

Production by Line

Speaking of lines, let’s take a look at the goal production by line.

Roster Composition 


Here are the lines I used in my quick analysis. Lines vary from game to game, period to period and sometimes shift to shift. I know it is no perfect but it is the best I’ve got.

John Barr
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