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US and Canadian WJC Rosters by the Numbers

One of my favorite hockey tournaments to watch is the World Junior Championship taking place just up the road in Vancouver and Victoria, BC. The tournament starts today and will run through January 5th. It will feature the best under 20 year-olds from 8 countries. A majority of the players, particularly from the US and Canada, will play in the NHL someday.

Rosters by Development League

One thing I always love to do is look at the contrast between the make-up of the Canadian and US rosters. The Team Canada roster is traditionally made up of players from the CHL (OHL, QMJHL, WHL), while the US roster is made up of primarily NCAA players. This year’s roster is no different.

Drilling down on these numbers a bit further shows the # of players by league for each respective teams.

Drafted Players

The majority of the players from both rosters have already been drafted by an NHL team. To help size up the competition, I took a looked at the rosters by draft round.

Drafted players by NHL team

If you are not sure who to watch and find yourself wanting to watch your NHL teams’ favorite prospects, I put this handy table together for these two rosters.

All the games will be televised on the NHL Network. Enjoy.

John Barr
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