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Sound of Hockey Episode 13 – WE GOT A FRANCHISE! Cameo by Nick Cotsonika of


Seattle has officially been awarded the 32nd NHL franchise, and John Barr, Andy Eide, and Darren Brown are here to tell you all about it! 

In Episode 13, Darren starts the show off with a VERY unique tribute to his co-host, John, for all of the incredible work that John put in to make the NHL coming to Seattle a reality. Then the guys recap the events of December 4th and just how special they were, from the announcement itself, to the reaction of the community, to our politicians trash-talking Vancouver. 

During NHL Seattle’s party that day, Andy and Darren managed to get some live fan reactions from a few friends of the NHLtoSeattle cause, so those clips are in the show, and Nick Cotsonika of even drops by to give his two cents on the matter (spoiler, Nick doesn’t think Seattle will win the Cup in its first season).

John also gives his review of seeing The Mighty Ducks for the first time ever. Then the guys dive into current NHL news, such as the hiring of Chuck Fletcher to be the GM of the Flyers, William Nylander finally signing with the Maple Leafs (thank God that’s over), and the big trade between the Blackhawks and Coyotes. 

Plus, tons of general hockey talk in Weekly One-Timers, Get Off My Lawn, and Games on the Radar. 




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