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October Buy, Sell, or Hold

With a month of the NHL season under our belt, we at NHLtoSeattle thought it would be a fun exercise to do a Buy, Sell, or Hold around some of the hotter topics of the month.

Carolina Hurricanes

Andy: Young team in a winnable conference. If they get the goaltending, this should be a hard buy.
Christine: Hold. As a hockey fan born and raised near Hartford, I feel I must address the alt Whalers jerseys – don’t do it!
Cutler: Buy. These guys are just so much fun. I mean, just look at those postgame celebrations. Raleigh is going to be rocking this season.
Darren: Buy. So many shots, such a fun team (because of their celebrations)!
John: Buy. Carolina is averaging over 40 shots per game…strong buy!

Mike Yeo’s future in St. Louis

AE: When a coach comes out and says he should be on the hot seat, it’s time to sell.
ChK: Hold. Let’s see how this season shapes up. Though I’m not sure I’d give him more time than that.
CK: Hold. Not enough of a sample size just yet. Although, if this tailspin continues, then he could be leaving St. Louis quicker than Lewis and Clark.
DB: Hold. I think he’ll eventually be shown the door, but it won’t be any time in the immediate future. I’ve seen him escape these situations before and his players seem to love him.
JB: Sell. Unless they go on a serious win streak, I think Yeo is out by December. Enter Alain Vigneault.


AE: He’s still lovable but is in danger of some orange overexposure. Hold.
ChK: Hold. At first I was terrified, but now I am seeing the light. Let’s see if Gritty’s popularity changes through the season.
CK: Buy, buy, buy. I will never tire of Gritty. He continues to amaze in every way possible. I want to meet him more than certain actual celebrities.
DB: Sell. I’m over it.
JB: Hold. I love Gritty but October 2018 will go down as the month of Gritty. He/She/They will settle into normalcy the rest of the season.

Sebastian Aho

AE: A young star on the rise that you should buy on now so you’ll look smart among your friends.
CK: Hold. It’s a shame he has to waste talent on a relatively hapless Islanders squad. Oh, you meant the Carolina Sebastian Aho? Oh, ok. Yeah, buy on him.
DB: Buy. Assuming we’re talking about the Aho on Carolina? If so, see my previous “Hurricanes” response. Aho is a huge part of that.
JB: Buy. Aho is one of the most exciting players out there that no one is watching right now.

William Nylander on the Leafs

AE: Hold. Seems like the two sides aren’t close and so far the Leafs are saying trade is not an option. Will their stance say the same?
CK: Hold. Something has to give at some point, right? I mean, they’re not going to let him sit out the whole season and there’s no chance they’ll pay him all he wants, right? The Leafs will get quite a haul for him if they decide to move on.
DB: Sell. To the Minnesota Wild, please.
JB: Hold. History says he will sign…if he hasn’t signed already, but this seems to be going on for a very long time.

Vancouver Canucks a playoff team

AE: Sell and sell fast. Vancouver has had a nice start but it’s not sustainable. They have razor thin depth, a turnover prone defense and inconsistent goaltending. Not the making of a playoff team.
ChK: Buy. This is the year they get back in. Might not go very far, but they’ll at least make the cut.
CK: Sell. Just not enough there to make it happen through 82 games. Boeser and Petterson are elite, but it’ll be at least one more season before they are real contenders.
DB: Sell. I think they’re still a couple years away. Lots of young talent, but the squad needs maturing.
JB: Sell. Canucks early season success has been a treat but it isn’t sustainable.

A 60+ Goal scorer in the NHL

AE: Buy. There is so much young talent in the league now that it feels like the time is right.
ChK: Buy. Connor McDavid (duh, he wears MY jersey number!)
CK: Buy. Auston Matthews. It’s going to be Auston Matthews.
DB: Hold. Lots of guys are on pace, but hot starts happen every year.
JB: Buy. There has only been two 60+ goal scorers since 2000 (Stamkos, Ovi), but there are currently 7 players on pace for 60 goals this season. Goal scoring gets tougher as the season progresses, but I think it can happen.

Head gear in coaches post-game press conferences

AE: All coaches need to be required to wear head gear of various animals at all times.
ChK: Buy. Team bets are fantastic motivation for players. Keep the creativity coming!
CK: Buy. Hockey is fun. Sports are fun. It’s time hockey understood that. More bets, more head gear, more ridiculousness.
JB: Sell. We might not see more headgear, but maybe we can get some more fun “challenges” by coaches.


John Barr
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