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Sound of Hockey Episode 6 – Let Us Have Our Day

In Episode 6, John is back from New York – where he watched his Sharks get smoked by the Islanders with 8,000 of his closest friends – so he once again joins Andy and Darren in BarrDown Studios.

Together, the guys revisit Seattle’s practice facility now that the news is official, and give a riveting update on the construction of KeyArena. Also in Seattle hockey news, they analyze the “heated” exchange between the Governor of Washington and the Premier of BC, and Andy gives an update on the WHL.

Next, the guys examine the increased scoring in the NHL and what may be contributing to the higher numbers, before they get downright buried in Weekly One-Timers. One-Timer topics include:

-Auston Matthews/Patrick Kane celebration trolling

-Hurricanes’ new stick salute

-Rick Nash retiring, but also totally not retiring

-Nashville’s excessive banners

-Red Wings changing the color of their seats to hide the emptiness

They wrap the show up with a GREAT “Get Off My Lawn” rant from John (about basketball).


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