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We Launched a Podcast!

We’ve experienced some pretty big hockey news over the past week or so, with some great strides being made on the arena front, Steve Yzerman stepping aside as GM in Tampa Bay, and Erik Karlsson getting traded away from the disaster that is the Ottawa Senators. But those stories pale in comparison to what I’m about to tell you…

NHLtoSeattle now has its very own podcast!

We’re calling it “Sound of Hockey,” because… well… Puget Sound. Get it?

On the show, we’ll of course discuss any updates as they pertain to an NHL franchise coming to Seattle, but we also aim to capture hockey lovers from all over the globe by expanding our horizons far beyond the reaches of the Pacific Northwest.

The hosts of the show are John Barr (creator of this little website), Andy Eide (hockey writer extraordinaire/contributor to this site), and Darren Brown (that’s me… I like blogging and podcasting… and I also contribute to the site).

We are now available on iTunes (PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE AND LEAVE US A GLOWING REVIEW), Spotify, and Soundcloud. We should be on Google Play in the next couple days as well for you Android users.

We’ve also included the first two episodes below.

We’re all very excited about our latest way of interacting with you, and we very much hope that you enjoy the show!

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