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Bottlenecks at the Port of Seattle

The Port of Seattle has been the most vocal opponent of the SoDo Arena plan since the plan was hatched over 4 years ago. In all their letters and statements the port has never once supplied any reliable data that shows any material impact of the street vacation of Occidental.

I drive by the port a couple times a week and I see the terrible lineup of trucks INSIDE the port walls. Of course they don’t want to reveal the wait times to get through the port or inside the port because it would poke holes in their argument. The reality is that their challenges lie inside the Port walls and Occidental is the least of their worries.

Here is a video I shot in the middle of the day last week. It starts on Alaska Way at the entrance of Terminal 46. It was 1.7 miles long and not one truck was moving.

I would love to understand how a truck waiting to get in the terminal for several hours is impacted by an Occidental street vacation.

On that same day I took a little stroll down Occidental to take a look at “all the traffic”.

John Barr
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