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The Mayor and Commissioners

The Mayor of Seattle, Ed Murray, visited with Gary Bettman and Adam Silver on Monday to give them an update on the SoDo Arena. As you would expect, King5’s Chris Daniels was on it.

This is obviously great news. Although the Mayor has consistently said he would support the MOU/Arena project in its current form, there were questions about the willingness to support an NHL first scenario. Chris Daniels posted this the next day

These posts and articles from the Chris Daniels created a flurry of articles from the hockey press. There is nothing really new in these articles but here is a sample of some of the more credible ones: puckdaddy, hockey writers, sporting news. Geoff Baker from the Seattle Times covered the the NBA side of the story a little bit deeper. That side of the house is looking a little more pessimistic. The NBA commissioner made it clear that there would not be a team available (for relocation or expansion) in the current term of the MOU. I know Sonics fans don’t like to hear that but I am certain that if an NHL team is awarded to Seattle, the NBA will follow. 

Let’s review

The biggest takeaway from this news is that Murray is open to an NHL first scenario. This is great news but let’s not get carried away and get overly optimistic. A lot still needs to happen and an NHL first financial model will still need to be submitted and structured for the City, County, Hansen and potential NHL owner. No changes to the diagram posted in November.

John Barr
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