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Wrapping up the Las Vegas News

In case you have been living under a rock, Monday afternoon the NHL gave approval to prospective franchise owner in Las Vegas, Bill Foley, clearance to build a Season Ticket List. Bettman vegascautioned that this should not be seen a s a green light to expansion. Expansion and Las Vegas dominated the news out of the NHL Board of Governors meeting. To help you separate the signal from the noise, I’ve highlighted some of the best articles, podcasts and videos on the topic.

Here is the roundup of the best articles I’ve seen on Las Vegas (even if their opinions differ than mine).


Scott Burnside wrote an excellent article covering the risks and potential of NHL Expansion in Vegas. I’ve seen very few articles go into this length level of depth of any perspective markets. Open, balanced and fair.

On the announcement:

Video of the announcement from Gary Bettman and dialogue with Elliotte Friedman and Nick Kypreos.

One more clip from Interesting quote on this one. (Paraphrasing) Daly said that the owners were briefed on other options for expansion. Those developments are evolving. Nick Kypreos seems to be the most vocal on the concerns.

Post Announcement:

Yahoo Sports’ Greg Wyshynski calls into Seattle’s AM 710 ESPN Radio Show with Michael Grey. Wyshynski says “It’s a matter of when, not if, for the NHL in Seattle”. Wyshynski has a great perspective and most of his comments are in line with a lot of what we have been discussing here.

The Globe and Mail weighs in: Las Vegas season-ticket drive raises more questions about NHL expansion

Great overview on the NHL Las Vegas situation from Stephen Whyno. Stephen’s been on top of this for a while and isn’t just picking up on the news item of the week.

Elliotte Friedman and the Sportsnet team debate the process and credibility of a Season Ticket Drive. There is some good comments and debate. I love Elliotte’s comments. He does comment about the Seattle and thinks the Ballmer purchase of Clippers puts Seattle in flux.

Another good article from highly respected Nicholas Costanika.

Gary Lawless takes the opposite stand: thinks contraction vs. expansion. Needless to say I could not agree with him less. Sure I am biased but people who talk about a watered-down league are old school and can’t point to anything qualitative.

John Barr
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