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Keep Calm and let them Carry On

The NHL has tried to figure out a solution for the Coyotes staying in Glendale for over 4 years. They obviously see something there that a lot of us hockey fans don’t see. It could be the 13th biggest TV Market, a rise in youth hockey, expected rebound in the housing market or maybe the NHL doesn’t want to leave a white elephant at the door of Glendale. Whatever the reason, it’s there.

I have said this before and I will try to articulate it again. I never liked people publically commenting on Seattle local politics, I didn’t comment in Sacramento’s business  and I don’t intend to comment on what Glendale should do either. That is up to the Glendale City Council and their constituents. This doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion, I just think it is up to them. Let the process play out. If you don’t like feeling like a leverage play, stay away from hockey news until July 10th or convince yourself the Coyotes are not moving to Seattle because there is a pretty good chance they aren’t. I am not being pessimistic, I am being a realistic. Teams just don’t move that often and there are countless last minute deals that get done all the time.

I believe in this sport and I very much believe Seattle can and will support an NHL franchise someday. When they come here we are going to light the NHL on fire with support. Look at the Mariners, Seahawks and Sounders! There is something about this city that is extremely loyal to our teams. You mix this with the greatest sport known to mankind, I am convinced

Credit to Frank Grotkopf who designed my new profile pic.

we will sell out every game within 7 years of the franchise moving here. This playoff alone I’ve had several non-hockey fans come up to me and tell me they are hooked, they are eager to see the game live & can’t wait to see an NHL team here. I have started to build a list of all my non-hockey friends I am dying to take to an NHL Game when they come. I urge you to do the same. Yes I know I can take them to a Thunderbirds or Silvertips game but it isn’t the same as seeing the best hockey players in the world on the ice at the same time.

We might end up being a fallback option if Glendale fails to approve their lease with RSE but it might not happen. It is theirs to keep, let them see it through. There will be plenty of time to party when we get a team, no sense getting ahead of ourselves.

If nothing else, we have established ourselves as a hockey. Most of us have known this all along. (I emailed John Buccigross in 2004 telling him what a great city Seattle would be for the NHL..he agreed). We’ve got several great grassroots organizations here, let’s keep it going.

Be respectful, lower expectations and let Glendale see this through.

John Barr
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