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Big day on landing an NHL team in Seattle….

Okay okay we are a long way from getting an NHL team in Seattle but we cleared another major road block today. The Lawsuit filed by the ILUW was thrown out by a Washington State judge today. Had this not been thrown out, it could have delayed progress on the arena. This could have put some doubts in Hansen’s plan and may have been enough of a deterrent for the NBA to decline the sale of the Sacramento Kings to Hansen. There is a lot of work to do here but it’s nice to see that the Hansen Group can focus in the EIS study.  

The next big milestone is the NBA Board of Governors meeting on April 17th and 18th that will approve or deny the sale of the Sacramento Kings to Chris Hansen with the intent of moving the team to Seattle.

With the Phoenix Coyotes situation still unsettled and no clear path to resolution, there is a chance the team could move here next season. I think the odds are low let’s say 25% but I would have said no chance 6 months ago.

John Barr
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