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The Wikipedia entry for the Week that was “NHL to Seattle”

This has easily been the biggest week of news on the NHL possibly coming to Seattle ever. Forbes, CBC, Globe and Mail, & ESPN all referenced an NHL team coming to Seattle. The local coverage by KING5’s Chris Daniels and sports radio KJR has been excellent. I will post a lot of links in the story  below for you to get the information from the real professionals as they deserve all the credit.

Here is my Wikipedia entry on the week as I try to boil it down to the key themes of the week.

Ok, so is Seattle an option for the Coyotes?

Ownership group?

What is next?

There are a few other big items like Markham & AEG that I left out intentionally. I feel this will have impact but not necessarily core to what is going on right now. If you have questions on these topics or anything else, fire away.

John Barr
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