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Segmenting for Analysis

I’ve consolidated some data across multiple facets of the business around hockey. Instead of analyzing by city size and conventional demographics, I’ve classified the teams into hockey market buckets…pretty subjective but hopefully you get the point.

There are 4 groupings of teams:

Canada, well that’s all the Canadian teams

US Hockey Market has Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Detroit, Minnesota, New Jersey, Islanders, Rangers, Philly, Pitt and Washington. One might question Washington but I think they have been around long enough to consider it a hockey market.

Non-Traditional has Anaheim, Colorado, Columbus, LA, Phoenix, San Jose and St. Louis. STL and PHO could be ones that don’t fit but for now I am keeping them there.

…and the South will include Carolina, Dallas, Florida, Nashville, Tampa Bay and Atlanta (keeping the thrashers alive since I don’t have a lot of Winnipeg data).

There might be justification in breaking out Carolina, Nashville, Columbus and St. Louis into a new group of mid-west non-traditional teams but for now I am keeping them put.

Let me know your thoughts.


John Barr
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