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  1. As long as access in and out of the Eastside remains a disaster, putting an NHL team there clearly would not be wise. Tuckwilla might be good.
    I don’t know where to throw my hat into the ring for a possible team name (providing it’s not a relocation deal) but has the name ‘Seattle Pioneers’ been suggested?

    • Seattle Pioneers is so last century. This is the Puget Sound region – The Seattle Norwhals is far better. It’s a fish with a mouth as big as a goalie’s mit and has its own built in hockey stick! Look up the Norwhal on-line and you’ll agree. And the marketing would be endless. We have a flannel shirts here.

  2. The Seattle Kraken. Release the Kraken! Imagine that being announced during a power play… All I know is I’m excited. NHL in the PNW!!

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