Canadian Hockey League Attendance Report

Since things have been pretty quiet on the NHL to Seattle front until we see the final EIS study, I figured I would put together a little regular season wrap up on the Canadian Hockey League.

OHL and the WHL were up year over year 2% and 1% respectively while the QMJHL was down 3%. Due to the wide range of arena sizes and roster changes, I don’t think there is much to be concerned about.   CHLmapandtotal

WHL by team


Nice post from Andy Eide in October on the turnaround expected at Price George. Good work to all of those involved.

OHL by team


QMJHL by team


Anyone heard of this Connor McDavid kid playing for the Erie Otters? Well he had quite a big impact on Attendance where ever he would go. Attendance was up over 20% when the Otters were in town. All but 2 OHL teams saw their attendance increase over the average when McDavid was in town. Here is a look at his impact on road attendance:


Teasing out the Washington and Oregon Teams


3 thoughts on “Canadian Hockey League Attendance Report

  1. This gets me thinking. With only five teams in the US Division and six in most of the other WHL divisions, I wonder if another WA or OR city could support an expansion WHL franchise? Yakima, Eugene, Wenatchee, Bellingham, Walla Walla or somewhere else? (Assuming an arena is available, of course.)

  2. BC division also only has 5 teams, it’s the east that has 6 and 6. I think Chilliwack deserves a replacement team as they actually had good numbers before being sent to Victoria. Nanaimo though would need a new arena before getting a team though it would help the island having a second team. I always thought a good place for another US division team would be the Olympia area which gets you far enough away from Kent but a team closer to Portland.

    The huge elephant in the room though is the NHL and what that will do to the local teams if Seattle gets a franchise. Also where would it’s ECHL and AHL team go considering the newest trend is putting them closer to the parent team.

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