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Looking in the rearview mirror: Glendale City Council is back in the news

When news broke yesterday that Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers asked the Arizona state attorney general to investigate the City Council members violation of the open meeting policy, I intentionally did not share or comment on any of news. Whether it be Sacramento, Glendale or Broward County, I try to stay out of other cities local politics. I do not appreciate people from jobingoutside our area to comment on our local issues and it would be hypocritical for me to comment on some other municipalities issues. It is also important to move forward. It is not worth my time or energy looking back unless it involves learning something for the future.  

Over the last 24 hours I received several emails, DMs, mentions and text messages on the news out of Glendale Arizona that makes me feel it is important enough to comment on the news. Here are my thoughts:

People that have been here a while or know me on a personal level, know that I have never been an advocate for relocation. I believe in this sport so much that I think it can be successful anywhere. Glendale has failed once and only once. Much like several other teams in hockey hot beds, they deserve a second chance. Lets give them this shot and hope that they are successful. I know plenty of people from Arizona that agree if this chance does not work out then maybe a team can’t be successful in Glendale. In the meantime, I am rooting for a quick resolution to this issue and a turnaround for the Coyotes. 

John Barr
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