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NHL to Seattle: current state of affairs

Earlier today, Chris Daniels reported an article about the Final Environmental Impact Study on the SoDo Arena has been slowed down and is not expected until the end of summer at the earliest. A tweet publicizing the post had text that said “could hold up NHL” even though the article failed to really address the potential delay.

This seemed to cause a minor tornado on Twitter and Facebook. After people had a chance to read the article, most people reached the same conclusion I did, there was no change. Similar to “news” items in the past, I felt the need to explain why it really was not news.

This is a very complex and fluid situation and since no parties are talking publically, we have to connect all the dots as they are revealed to us. We then need to speculate on the gaps, issues and anything else we can think of that will get us a team to Seattle. In order to illustrate the complexity of the situation and what I see has the major open issues I created a diagram. I try to identify the major open issues in each area and it is clear to me why everyone involved is staying close to the chest. What is not clear is the sequence of events to start resolving everything.


Let me know your thoughts and feedback. I will constantly be refreshing this as we learn more.

John Barr
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