Seattle can support a Hockey team

 There is no doubt in my mind that Seattle can support a hockey team and within 5 years I believe there will be a team here. As I begin this blog I am going to go deep in a couple areas to see if the data can support (or conflict with) my claim.

In a nutshell:

1) Seattle is the 12 biggest US TV market

2) Seattle has a large population of wealthy individuals that are a target demographic of NHL Fans

3) The region has a large amount of companies headquartered here to support the arena in sponsorship, executive suites & general support for the team

4) The region is extremely supportive of their local teams. (Do you know that the sounders have 2 times the MLS league average for attendance? I imagine as we dig into the Mariners you will see similar type phenomenon in spite of their losing seasons)

5) My theory is also there are a lot of Canadians here. Largely driven by the tech sector as well as the proximity to Canada. This doesn’t mean they are all hockey fans but I think it improves their chances.

I will start to dig into data to help understand the numbers and supportability of hockey in the region. A couple things that I will look into is how the seattle youth and adult hockey leagues compare to other cities. Do we have more adults and children playing hockey in the puget sound compared to San Jose, Nashville, Dallas & Columbus?

The biggest reason there is no team here is because of the lack of Arena. From time to time I will dig into some of the stadium politics and economics at play. There has been a lot of traction here over the last 6 months.

If you have ideas, thoughts, reactions or issues, send them my way.

One thought on “Seattle can support a Hockey team

  1. I think so, too. I’d like to see the data and provide some options on how the biggest set-back, the arena, can be built without taxpayer dollars.

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